I’m a Camper, Get Me Out of Here!

This morning’s wake-up whistle was accompanied with a big old “G’day campers!”, because Compass Camps Airlines had landed in Australia! Campers spent the morning walking across the field backwards, because that’s apparently what they do down under?! What we are certain of is that barbecued meat is a staple, so that’s what we had for breakfast!

Brian shared his thoughts on the next instalment in Paul’s travels during our morning meeting – the “disaster movie” that was the shipwreck! Then, following yesterday’s activities on the water, the older group headed to the lake today for some canoeing and kayaking, while the younger group had a change of plans – they were due to be rock climbing, but instead did a second ghyll scramble due to the heat!

After a delicious “Chuck Pie” for dinner, the campers headed outside for some “I’m a Camper, get me out of here!” games. Mess was guaranteed, with games like egg roulette and the ostrich snot gunge shower, and campers were scrambling around looking for gold stars to win points for their tent! It’s getting towards the end of the week now, so every point counts for overall victory!

As campers are in their tents looking at the last chapter of Galatians, we’re wondering where Compass Camps Airlines will be headed tomorrow for our last day on camp…

We have uploaded lots of photos to our flickr page.
Flickr Day 6 album