There’s been a murder!!!

At 6:30 AM Mhairi screamed upon finding that our lovely cooks had been murdered terribly whilst they were preparing breakfast.

The race was on for the campers to uncover who the culprit was – for it was Sherlock Holmes day!

After filling up on breakfast made by the stand in cook (Mrs Hudson) the detectives set out to interrogate the camp leaders; the leaders all had somewhat convincing alibis but our young detectives were not so sure!

As part of their training the campers engaged in an energetic game of wink murder, in order to hone their observational skills!

The campers then attended the morning meeting where we investigated Exodus 34 and discovered that our God is a Jealous God and of how this is how it should be! We then embarked on thrilling adventures such as ghyll scrambles and mountain climbing.

After Tea the detectives continued their investigations, solving puzzles, interrogating leaders and searching for clues! Due to their hard work the villain was uncovered and it turned out to be Brian, who spent the night in Windermere police station.

All in all the day was a thrilling day of investigative work!