Q: What time should I arrive at Camp on the first day and how can I travel to camp on public transport?

You should aim to arrive about 12 noon. The nearest train station is a two minute walk from the campsite (Windermere Station). Leaders at camp can operate a pick up service if necessary on the first and last days of camp.


Q: Do I need to bring any money with me to camp?

Every year there are a large amount of fantastic books for sale, many of which will be reviewed and recommended during week. These books often include large discounts. Additionally, throughout camp there will be opportunities for campers to have free time and spend some money in the local town of Windermere, and on the final day of camp we all have a day trip into Ambleside where they can spend some money too if they wish.


Q: I am the only young person from my church going to Compass Camps. How will I make friends?

You won’t be the only person arriving at tentCompass Camps not knowing anyone, and Compass Camps is a great place for making new friends! Lots of our teaching is done in small groups which is a great way to get to know people your age. There’s also a wide variety of activities and so you will have the chance to meet other young people. The leaders at camp are there to look after you and will make sure that you always have the opportunity to enjoy being with others.


Q: Can I pay the camp fees in instalments?

Yes this can be done providing all monies are paid by the commencement of camp.

Q: Does camp have any boots or other equipment I caBOOTSn use?

Yes there is a small stock of items, please indicate that you need these when completing the booking forms.


Q: Can I sleep in the same tent as my friends?

We do try to accommodate such requests but in any case you will soon make new friends.


Q: What about Child Protection and safety at Compass Camp?

Your safety and protection is so important to us. All the leaders at Compass Camp have been DBS checked and we have received references from their church leaders. Parents can request a copy of our safeguarding policy from Josh. Risk Assessments are undertaken and approved for all activities at Compass Camp.