Can you tell me more about camp?

Throughout the week there are many opportunities for fun. Great friendships are built during the week and learning from God’s word together is a wonderful experience.

The first two days at camp are different from the rest of the week. On the Saturday when campers arrive, there will be a wide range of fun games that involve each tent group, including a large game in the evening.

On Sunday all of camp goes to Ulverston to meet with the local church for the morning service where we will have the first main teaching session related to the theme of the week. Then we make our way to the beach for a fun afternoon of activities, and of course lunch! Late Sunday afternoon we head back to Coniston where everyone gathers together for our second main teaching session.

For the rest of the week a typical day at Compass Camps looks like the following:

Each day starts with a short time for each leader and camper to individually spend time in God’s word. This is followed by breakfast and preparations for the rest of the day’s activities, including making packed lunch. Then campers gather together for the main teaching session of the day.

This brings us to lunchtime, often enjoyed on the side of a mountain, or looking out over the lake – amazing!  The afternoon involves the outdoor activities for the day. Campers are divided into different groups based on age and spend the afternoon involved in ghyll scrambling, rock climbing, raft building, or wide games.

When you return from the afternoon activity there is usually some free time before food where there are always games organised, or you could use this time to catch a moments rest!

After dinner, each evening features a whole camp activity, often competing in tent groups.

To end the day, each tent meets together to study God’s word on a separate, but linked theme to the main sessions. These sessions are designed to help us think through and apply God’s word to our lives, and to provide opportunities to ask more searching questions.

We praise God for those young people (and leaders) whose lives have been changed through the teaching of God’s word at camp. It is awesome to see young people begin to see how great and beautiful and thrilling the Lord Jesus Christ is, and to see the hunger and desire they have know Him more.