Brian Eccles

Brian has been at camp for since 1973! “I know what you’re thinking” he says. “I don’t look that old, but have been going to camp since I was 5.” Over the years he’s done just about everything at camp …except cook, which he leaves to his wife! Wise man! He was a camper for 7 years, team leader, rock climbing instructor, activities leader and now is assistant leader for camp (with Matt) as well as treasurer. Phew! That’s a long list. Outside of camp Brian works as an, IT manager, aka “professional geek”. Besides that he likes to rock climb, mountain bike, play bass, electric and acoustic guitar, and at Peel Street Baptist Church (Accrington) Brian leads the church music group, and  youth groups.

Matt Prescott

Matt has been a leader at camp since 1998. He is a member at St Martin’s Stockport and has been involved in the church revitalisation project there for the past 3 years.  He is also leader for camp with Brian (above), who are the brains and organisation behind all that goes on. We also have the pleasure of Sarah (Matt’s wife) as well as Jane (Brian’s wife) as the cooks; and it has to be said that food at camp is definitely a highlight of the week.  Outside of camp he loves to run and more recently  competed in a marathon in Dublin and a 16.5 mile race round Lake Coniston!


Josh Smith 

Camp Leader

Josh has been on camp since 2013 when his wife Eunice (who has been going since the age of 11) made him go.  He loved it so much, that he couldn’t get enough and has been every year since.  He is from Yorkshire, but is now living in Birmingham where he is a deacon at Harborne Baptist Church.  He works for Christian Vision, working to share the gospel online and direct seekers to local churches.  When not on camp, or getting excited for next year’s camp, he is a big fan of Lego and board games, and loves sport – you’ll often find him having a kick-about on camp!


Lucy Chadwell 

Assistant Camp Leader

Lucy has been at camp since 2020, where she was first invited by Josh and Eunice. She lives in sunny Bournemouth (doesn’t rain at all!), she says, where she has just finished university and is now working in mental health as an occupational therapist. She serves at her church doing kids ministry and loves her church and its diverse community. Lucy grew up abroad in Nepal where her family were missionaries there for 12 years and moved back to Birmingham when she was only 16.
When away from camp, Lucy enjoys swimming in the sea (its like having a swimming pool as a back garden!) and going for coffee with friends. Camp is always a highlight of her year and is something to look forward to!


Ole Kristian Hunt 

Teaching Coordinator

Ole is Pastor at Grace Baptist Church, Ulverston, his hometown church, and host – for as long as he’s been a member – of Compass Camps on Sunday! Having taught at camp a couple of times as a guest, he joined for the full week in 2020 – online camp! – and has been hooked ever since. He lives with his wife in Dalton-in-Furness, and loves collecting and painting toy soldiers, outdoor swimming and hiking (with the Lake District just a few miles up the road!). He especially loves the books of Genesis and Revelation, but can occasionally be persuaded to teach on something else!

Dave Smith 

Activities Coordinator



Dave has been on camp, originally as a camper and now as a leader, for 6 years, and he says they just keep getting better and better!

He’s an avid chicken curry pie fan (he says the best can only be found on camp!) and loves all activities in the outdoors.

He works as an outdoor instructor in the Scottish Borders, and goes to Carlisle Baptist Church.



Compass Camps also has an amazing team of volunteer leaders from all over the country who help make camp happen.  To find out more about joining this team and being a Compass Camps Tent Leader, click here.