Wednesday 9th – An Unexpected Journey

In a tent in a field, lived a camper. Not a nasty tent, but a homely, comfortable sort of tent.

Following a beautiful starry night, where they slept under the light of Earendel’s Silmaril, our campers woke to find they had been transported to Middle Earth – for Tolkien Day!

After eating breakfast (and second breakfast, of course), we were treated to their finest troll, Gandalf and Gollum impressions, before John spoke to us from 1 Samuel about the LORD of Hosts, and the very real spiritual battle which Christians face in this life.

Disappointed about the camp leaders having heard of no elevenses other than an apple, our intrepid Fellowship on their own Unexpected Journey – up our nearest Mount Doom (Orrest Head). The journey through verdant fields could well have been the Shire!

Returning to site, we were treated to afternoon tea (which every Hobbit will know is a very important meal), before campers had the opportunity to break the fellowship and undertake their own quests (in Windermere), while others stayed for an exciting but very one-sided game of ultimate frisbee!

The evening meal would have been appropriate to serve at Rivendell, while the elf lords would have been very satisfied with their home-made onion rings. More games are planned for the evening, with tables set up turning our meeting hall into the Prancing Pony. The Adventure continues!