Sun 6 – A Day Through the Wardrobe…

Good evening, from another busy day in Windermere!

As is custom for a Sunday at Compass Camps, we travelled to Ulverston in the morning to attend the Church Ole, one of our leaders, is pastor of. This week on camp our Bible topic is ‘Names of God’ and so this morning, Ole gave an introduction to this topic by showing the importance of how God shows His Character through His name.

Straight after the service we headed to the beach! And there were no rainclouds in sight. Our general camp theme this year is Books and today was Narnia day, so at the beach we played a number of games with a Narnia theme, including sand sculpting and ‘capture the sword (flag)’. We came back to our second talk of the day from Josh, who was speaking from the first verse in the Bible, looking at what Elohim meant.

Following this, the campers were more than ready for our evening meal, which was a lovely Sunday roast, plus Beaver Dam pudding (Narnia themed). As I write, campers are settling down to tent prayers, which have already allowed for good discussion and thoughts, and they look ahead to the outdoor activities and other plans for this coming week!

Thank you for all your continued prayer.

The photos from the day to our flickr Camp 2023 – Day 2 album – a samples below.