The main aim at the centre of all that we do on camp is very simple. We long for young people to experience and encounter Jesus so that they genuinely know God. We believe that when God’s Word is preached, taught and read, people’s lives can change through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This is why on camp each day contains a Main Talk preaching session and small group Bible studies.

Main Talkspen

Every morning, campers and leaders gather together for the main meeting.  It’s a fun session, including getting to know the leaders, book reviews, worship and bible teaching.  The speakers are around on camp for the campers to chat to and ask questions about the teaching.  The books in the book review are available to buy on camp in the book store.

Tent Prayers

BibleAt the end of the day, campers head to their tents with their leaders for “Tent Prayers”.  This is a time to look deeper into what’s been taught in the morning session and ask questions about it, or look at a different passage of scripture, applying it to our lives.  Tent Prayers ends with, well, prayer!





Quiet time

Each morning, just before breakfast, campers have 15 minutes of “quiet time”.  This is an opportunity for us to read the bible, pray, and get to know God on a personal level.  Campers can read whatever they like in this time, but Compass Camps provides suggested readings, as well as activities like colouring pages, bible journalling, prayer walks and more for campers if they want.

Bible theme

All of this revolves around the week’s bible theme.  Compass Camps have covered tons of themes in the past, including Parables, People Jesus Met, Heroes of the Old Testament and so much more!  Check out our social media, where we will be announcing the bible theme for this year’s camp a few weeks before.


To get a little taste of what you can expect from our teaching, click here to watch our teaching programme from Compass Camps 2022, all about Paul’s New Testament Travels.



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