Wednesday 10th

Well don’t you wish you were here at Camp! Fun in the floods and games in the gym!

This morning we missed the pleasure of Brians daily “Morning campers!”  because he was drowned out by the rain. There was a bit of flooding on the campsite as you can see from the photos on our flickr channel and the two family had to be evacuated.

Nevertheless we got up, had breakfast and started the day with our talks. Have you ever wondered what it is to be a disciple maker? Ask the younger group. Do you know how vital it is to reach the world with the gospel? The older groups have now heard!

Today the campers got involved with ghyll scrambling, abseiling and raft building. Despite the weather, the camp site is full of fun and good humour.

Prasie God for the relationships that are being built during the week. Thank God that despite two tents being flooded, everyone is pulling together and in high spirits.

Thank God for the fun in activities, and the fact that although it was raining through the night, we were still able to do all of our activities for the day.

Please pray for the campers, the leaders, and that God will be at the centre!