Thursday 11th

Another day, another adventure at camp combined with great teaching and even a hint of sunshine! Thankfully we’ve had little rainfall today and so most of the field has drained too, enabling campers to complete their trio of outdoor activities – ghyll scrambling, rock climbing and raft building – the results of which can be seen on our flickr channel.

Additionally, mornings at camp are taken up by great bible teaching, led this year by Phil Heaps. Today the younger campers enjoyed an important talk on the merits of world mission whilst the older campers looked at Psalm 23 in order to deepen their understanding of the presence of Jesus Christ, as spoken of in the Great Commission, the main teaching theme of Camp 2011.

Brian then fired up the minibus and after a picnic lunch the campers got on with their outdoor activities. Church Beck ghyll provided the stunning backdrop to rock climbing and creek scrambling whilst the youngest campers took over Consiton lake to construct and race rafts.

It appears that a craze has taken the camp by storm…card games. Playing cards are now in the same league as mobile phones – increasingly addictive and likely to be confiscated by the more vigilant camp leaders. Camp morale is pretty high and its fantastic to see friendships forming and the young people having so much fun.

Please pray that the weather continues to hold, and that as we come to the end of the week that the campers’ understanding of the Great Commission continues to deepen. Praise God for the fellowship and teaching we are enjoying, and prayers and support of so many.