Sunday 7th

Today saw us waking up the campers for the first time. The morning whistles are usually greeted with enthusiastic groans! After breakfast we travelled to Ulverston and packed out the church. The children’s presence every year is, I believe, a great encouragement to the congregation.

Then the beach. This is always a great day out and once again the weather was amazing. Once again we’ve uploaded the photos from the day, including some group photos, to our flickr channel.

One very tiring widegame later and we were back for another of Phil Heaps talks at John Ruskin School.

Soon the campers will be getting ready  for bed and tent prayers again. Last nights tent prayers were generally recevied well. Please pray for concentration during these 15-30 minute sessions in tent groups of 5-7 campers. They are at the end of the day and the campers are often very tired!

Thank God for good behaviour so far and please pray that Phil Heaps’ talks will impact the children and make them think and ask questions.

Thank you for your prayers. Adrian