Monday already? No-way! Norway!

This morning on Compass Camps started with some more brutal murders as part of our week long game.  One camper in particular was killed by a piece of lettuce in the middle of the field – the culprit is still at large…

Today’s destination on Compass Camps Airlines is Norway!  After a traditional breakfast of fish and eggs, we looked at God’s Church in our morning meeting, and how Paul was part of building the early church.

Today was the first day of activities, and half the campers went mountain biking and the other half went ghyll scrambling.  They all had loads of fun, and half of them came back suitably drenched!

After more fish, and meatballs, for our Norwegian dinner, we took to the field for a full blown Viking battle, boys against girls!  They each had their own team names (maybe ask your campers what they were when you see them at the end of the week…), and played a capture the flag style game!  We were also hoping to see the Northern Lights (with some help from some glow sticks), but due to cloud cover and a delayed flight, this will have to be postponed for another night…

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