Monday 11th August

Day 3 of Compass Camp

After another howling night it would have been no surprise to wake and find all of my belongings strewn across the field. Thankfully in the morning our tents and belongings were still standing and intact!

Our morning began with a yummy breakfast prepared by our amazing cooks and then fantastic teaching by Jeff on Daniel 3.

At lunch we were split into two groups and travelled to Langdale where our groups either went ghyll scrambling or rock climbing. Despite the freezing temperatures and the black clouds following us, every camper and leader came back to the camp site with a big smile on their face (and a bag of wet clothes!). Everyone seems to have had a fun filled afternoon (especially some of the  leaders who escaped the rain by hiding out in the cafe!)

Many campers took advantage of free time this afternoon and pottered into town to stock up on fudge!

After a super delicious dinner of lasagne, we got into our tent groups for our evening activity of Toy Story modelling. It was very competitive!

(Come on The Sleeping Beauties!)

It is only day 3 and already we have learn’t so much and have had so much fun!

Come on day 4!

Hannah Sharples
Girls tent leader (Sleeping Beauties)