Fiesta Brasileiro!

This morning, Compass Camps Airlines landed in Brazil, ready for a festival party atmosphere for the final day of our travels. We’re so grateful for all God has done on Camp this week, and we want to celebrate a fantastic 7 days!

Ole shared the final instalment in Paul’s journey with us this morning, looking at Acts 28. What’s more, each day during our morning meetings, we’ve been getting to know a different leader, the best place they’ve travelled, and how God has worked through them in different places. We’ve challenged each leader to make a paper airplane in 15 seconds, and today we were able to crown our winning leader – Brian! His plane made it all the way to the back of the room!

Today, we went to Hawkshead for lunch and games. Campers were searching “around Hawkshead in 80 minutes”, led by Brian Fogg and Matt-partout, looking for flags to help with a code-breaker quiz at the end of the search.

After ice cream from the best ice cream shop in the Lake District, we headed back to camp to prepare for the evening’s entertainment – each tent was tasked with creating a Travel Ad to a location of their choice, to be performed later that evening. With a variety of locations on offer, the winning entry was advertising Coniston with loads of humour, creativity and props involved.

After an evening meal of Brazilian hotdogs, exotic mocktails and more ice cream, the winning tent for the week was revealed (congratulations to Wigan’a Win, also known as the Wigan Piers!), and our campers of the week also revealed (congratulations to Anousha and Levi!). Campers spent the final evening of tent prayers recapping the week, and we’re praying for them all as they return home, that what they’ve learned during the week will stay with them for life, and that God will continue to change their lives.

As Compass Camps Airlines comes in to land for 2022, we’re so grateful for all that God has done for us this year, and can’t wait to see where He’ll take us over the next 12 months…