Canoe believe we’re in Antarctica? (ah ha ha)

As you can probably tell from this hilarious and ingenious title today we were in Antarctica, learning how to survive on hard biscuits and seal crackling for breakfast this morning, and then braving the icy waters of the Esk river and Coniston water this afternoon.

In our morning meeting Ole had three big questions…Gospel success? Derailed plans? Jailbreak? Which followed Acts 16:16-34. In the passage Paul and Silas are arrested and the gospel is ‘chained’ with them in a Philippi jail. However there is a miraculous turntable event where God uses the terrible situation they are in to work for good, converting the jailer and his family who are then baptised.

This afternoon the younger group went kayaking and canoeing, Jonno, our man on the scene said “everyone was very speedy” and “lots of people capsized”. The older group meanwhile went to the Esk river for a ghyll scramble. Everyone did an awesome job of conquering their fears, jumping into pools and scrambling up rocks. Especially the leaders.

The evening was finished off with a ‘splash’ for the younger group who got even more wet playing water games outside to finish off another day on camp.

Please pray for energy for the campers and leaders and a blessed and even more awesome last few days on camp.

Did you know that we’re also posting a daily vlog on Instagram as well as uploading photos to Flickr. Check out our latest from yesterday.