Are we nearly there yet?

Curry for breakfast. Today Compass Airlines was off to India. So what better way to start the day?

Curry for dinner too. Chicken curry to be precise. Also Taj Mahal pudding (tenuous link to Jam sponge pudding with custard).

In Paul’s journey today we were looking at when Paul and Barnabas went to the council of the apostles and elders in Jerusalem as told in Acts 15. The main theme was that we are saved by grace and not by works.

For the activities today, it was the camp walk. Always a firm favourite with campers. After last year’s walk, we received requests from campers to go up the Old Man of Coniston. So this year, we took the long trek up to the top. The weather was so clear at the top, that we were able to see all the way down the Lancashire and Cumbria coasts, up to Scotland, the Isle of Man and Wales. Everyone made it round.

The camp quiz finished off the evening and finally camp has fallen silent following tent prayers. Everyone seems to have had a good day and are tired out now. We pray for a good night’s sleep for everyone so that they are refreshed for tomorrow.

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